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Update AOKP and CNA @ 2012.03.25.
- full rebuilt base
- opensource hw codecs
- Siyah kernel b6 /smoother, bln, oc, uc, .../

Update AOKP and CNA @ 2012.03.21. - The Best AOKP - CNA EVER
-MTP file Transmitter FIXED /AOKP and CNA/ use this driver package:
-Updated some apps /maps, youtube, trebuchet/
-Full tested init.d Scripts-
-Fixed GPS /sirfgps/

Update @ 2012.03.20.-2
Added Start up /init.d tweaks/
-MTP file Transmitter /AOKP and CNA/

Update @ 2012.03.20.
Added lockscreen color changer
Added `traditional` toggle layout [where the toggles are on the very top] (Stevepear426) -- find in RC > Statusbar General > Layout
Added AOSP lockscreen style (Whitehawkx)
Added extra volume slider options (Stevepear426, tmoskowite on gummy)
Added lockscreen calendar options (!!!) (sethyx)
Removed any trackball support the ROM had, was only throwing errors, not properly implemented
Improved brightness slider under toggles, doesn`t jump anymore
Improved brightness slider (when sliding your finger across the statusbar if enabled). MUCH more responsive now
Added fast charge toggle for maguro/toro for kernels that support it (Zaphod-Beeble)
Added ability to set custom lockscreen image for targets. Click picture in RC to set.
Also increased size of custom lockscreen images to more match the normal icons
Including AppWidgetPicker to help organize widgets
Added digital clock widget to desk clock
battery bar should no longer disappear when in the navigation bar

Update @ 2012.03.15.
Mainly changes from cm9:
- kernel based on Samsung sources

Update @ 2012.03.15.
Mainly changes from cm9:

Update @ 2012.03.09.
Mainly changes from cm9:
-base: allow user to choose internal storage
-Croatian LatinIME keyboard layout and spellchecker support
-Fix CTS failure
-SamsungRIL: Fixes for CDMA data reconnection failures due to stale pppd
-fixed mms feedback
-more stability

Update @ 2012.03.08.
Weather panel updates (sethyx, Zaph, tgwaste, and many more!)
new more compact layout that fits at the top of your screen
ability to hide it in your statusbar
added lockscreen weather to tablets
Added statusbar transparency (rob43)
Added alternate notification drawer layout (toggles/date on bottom instead of top)
Added day of the week before clock style option (rob43)
Signal text reading improvements (Zaph)
Added option to show lockscreen before secure unlock
Simplified nav bar hide/show code => should be working on all devices properly
Added PhaseBeam alongside UnicornPorn
Fixed all weird tablet FCs (was caused by that messy nav bar code )
give back camera app /power shoot/
give back softkeys

Update @ 2012.03.07.
- add some advanced settings in romcontrol: /9 battery, statusbar-weather options, etc.../ Thx to LorD ClockaN and the IceColdSandwich rom.
- Full tested smdk4210 /samsung sgs2 ics/ Ril what is working Great from previous version.
- based on cm9 03.05. /with this known bugs/
-added GMap, youtube, and live wallpapers.

Update @ 2012.03.05.

- fully fixed the ril /signal works great
- fully fixed mms/sms will work @ first sending too

Update @ 2012.03.03.
-integrate Fixed hw video codecs /youtube is beautifull/
-maybe fixed mms app /i replaced telephonyprovider/ havn`t tested yet, please report
- ril better, but not the best /more stable data but signal isnt work/ - i will contact codeworkx to give me advice.

Please read the 2nd post, i will add a subscription how to remove virtual navigation bar from display.

Update @ 2012.03.01.
- some little fix /gps better, maybe ril fixes - after first start you must wait for 4-5 minute to set,/
- fix mms/sms app sometimes got error after send sms...
- fixed some video color issues
- added trebuchet launcher
- added more languages to keyboard
- added music fx / dsp manager
- added google music
- AOKP based on build 27.


-beta 1.1:


-beta 1.1:


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